Leading an Activity

Steps to Creating an Activity:IMG_5815
1. Email Julia (jmarrs@bu.edu) with a description of the activity you are interested in running. You can use this Activity Template Worksheet if you like.

2. You will be paired up with one of the GSC board members who will help you plan the activity and get supplies. You should meet or talk with them at least once before running your activity.

3. Read through our Guidelines for Leading an Activity before planning the activity itself.

4. Look at our Supplies Inventory for what we already have and purchase any other supplies necessary. Bring them to the West End House and give the receipts to Radost so you can be reimbursed.

After the Activity:
5. Fill out a Post Mortem Form – Windmills (This is an example of one from Fall 2014. Fill in the information for your own activity.)

6. Add the left over supplies to our Supplies Inventory.


1. It has worked well to have three mini activities as a part of larger activity in order to keep them moving and keep their attention
2. In the beginning of class we all sit around in a circle and go over the activity. It is best to have your description planned out because they can be distracted in even just a few moments of dead time.
3. During the introductions, having pictures for the girls to hold and look at can be helpful.



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