Getting Involved


How to get involved! 

There are multiple ways you can be involved.

1. Mentor – You can join us weekly for our clubs and help out with each of the activities. We encourage people to come as much as they can, but this is flexible. See our Becoming a Mentor Page for more information.

2. Leading an Activity – The majority of the activities are planned by the planning committee, but we know that each mentor has their own unique specialties and most likely knows the best way to convey their subject. We therefore ask some of our mentors to step up and lead an activity themselves. It is both a great opportunity for the girls to learn something new and for our mentors to work on their teaching and communication skills. Check out of Leading an Activity Page for more information.

3. Planning Committee – There are 5 mentors who make up the GSC planning committee. We meet monthly to discuss and plan GSC and lead the majority of the activities. If you are interested in taking a larger role in GSC, please consider applying to join this committee! Check out our Becoming a Planner page for more information.




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