Julia Marrs –

Radost Stanimirova –

Sarabeth Buckley –, (516) 395-9874

Aurora Kesseli-

Jessica Nadalin-

Organization of GWISE Girls’ Science Club:
– Julia Marrs is the primary contact and lead GWISE Officer for the Girls’ Science Club.
– Radost Stanimirova, Sarabeth Buckley, Angela Rigden, Aurora Kesseli, and Jessica Nadalin are lead coordinators/point people for weekly Girls’ Science Club activities. Each will be the point person for at least 2 activities this semester (see schedule).

– All other mentors are GWISE members who are equally passionate about inspiring these girls! You will be helping conduct activities and working directly with the girls. Although we have set a schedule of activities for the upcoming semester, we welcome new activity ideas you have, and would love to have you increase your involvement with the club if you are interested!

Past Coordinators:
Jamie Kendall –
Angela Ridgen –

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