Monthly Archives: April 2016

Fruity Enzyme Escapades

This week was amazing. We had one of our biggest turnouts, which was really exciting because they were running a special girls volley ball tournament at the same time this week. Melissa took on the daunting task of explaining enzymes to our girls and did an amazing job with a huge group of girls.

We started off with a fruit experiment. Certain fruit has special enzymes that break down jello, so we had the girls test which fruit has this enzyme by putting some on top of jello and waiting 20 minutes.

While this was running, we also tested for the presence of amylase, which is in your spit. The girls spit into two cups and put water in the other cups, we added sugar and starch and saw whether the water or saliva could break down starch into sugar using a color indicator. First we had them make hypotheses about what they would see and then added the indicator and found that the saliva had amylase!

Looking back at the fruit recipe, we put all of the cups together and found that there is a special enzyme in pineapple that breaks down jello, which is why you never see pineapple flavored jello 🙂

The girls were pretty excited about it and did enjoy the jello afterwards.


Spinning in Colored Light

This week we learned about some of the the fastest stuff on earth! Light! Radost ran a wonderful activity which started off with understanding what objects are opaque, translucent, or transparent. The girls tested a bunch of materials and one little scientist discovered that folding paper over on itself made it more opaque!

Next we learned about reflecting light using mirrors!

This was exciting because we tested out splitting light with a mirror in water and trying to see a rainbow on a sheet of paper! It took a little finagling, but the girls thought this was awesome. We also experimented by adding milk to make it more opaque, which prevented the light from going through.

Last we further experimented with understanding all of the different colors in light by making color wheels and spinning them. We tried with all colors and different combinations of colors to see if we could get the wheel to look white or other secondary colors.

It was pretty exciting, but my favorite part of the day was one of the girls telling us that when we get tired of running girls science club, she would be in grad school and would take over for us 🙂

Anatomy Too

This week was a little hectic as everyone was super high energy, but we worked with the girls on anatomy again and went over more systems. We started off with sheets of paper and drew outlines of people. Then we looked at some books with different systems on them.

After that we taught the girls about each of the systems and had them cut out and paste on or draw all of the different systems. We got some truly beautiful pieces of art!