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Understanding the Senses!

This week Angela ran an activity about the five senses. First we went over what they all were and talked about what we knew about them. Then everyone divided up into tables and we had four different experiments for the girls to do to test their own senses. The first activity was a set of crazy optical illusions! Everyone had different answers.

IMG_0301 (1) IMG_0282

The next one was en experiment where you cover one of your eyes and see if it’s more challenging to get a penny in a cup. The goal was to get a little bit of a sense of depth perception. Angela brought in these adorable pirate eye patches for the girls to wear.

IMG_0289 (1) IMG_0285

Then they kept their eyes closed and tried to see how well their sense of touch worked. We gave them a variety of objects and they had to guess what they were. They were pretty good at it, but a few people got it wrong and it always took a bit to figure it out.

IMG_0297 IMG_0293

The last activity was their favorite by far. We were testing the connection between their sense of taste and smell. They would hold their nose and we would give them a type of jelly belly bean or starburst and they would have to guess which flavor. It was amazing how hard it was to guess when you couldn’t smell!

IMG_0298 IMG_0313 IMG_0302 IMG_0296

Overall, with the exception of a few bad flavors. It went really well! We can’t wait for next week when we’re going to be blowing up balloons!


Digging into the Layers of Sweet Fall Beginnings!

Hello everyone!! Welcome back! After a summer break, the Girls Science Club is picking back up it’s weekly meetings at the West End House in Allston. As a reminder just in case, we meet at 5:15 pm every Thursday at the West End House Boys and Girls Club (105 Allston St. Allston MA 02134). The club runs from 5:30-6:30 and we do a wide variety of hands on activities we plan ourselves with our adorable 8-9 year old girls.

Our first week was a total success!! We had around 12 girls join us to learn about the Layers of the Earth. Jamie set up an awesome activity where the girls first learned there were layers in the earth and saw awesome pictures of them.

IMG_0209 IMG_0237

Then we had them make their own layers using pudding, graham crackers, oreos, fruity pebbles, and gummies, which they were absolutely thrilled about. They each got their own cup and could create any combination they wanted.

IMG_0213 IMG_0219

Then Jamie had a key for them which told them what kind of layer of the each of the sweets represented, so they could discover what had happened in the past in each of their little worlds. Some of them got creative and made up their own keys.

IMG_0216 IMG_0214

Only when they had finished this could they eat their cores 🙂


Then we all came back into a circle and Jamie showed them the rocks they had just been learning about. They guessed which ones were which based on what they had learned each of them were associated with (e.g. sandstone shallow coastal area).

IMG_0233 IMG_0235

We also inducted a few new mentors to our ranks, which was awesome! Overall it was a very successful first club meeting and we’re really looking forward to the rest of the semester!!