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Color Coding!!

This week we tried out a color coding activity with the girls. Jenny made an awesome activity. The girls used a binary system to determine which blocks to color in on a worksheet:

The result was:


A dinosaur 🙂



Today was an exciting day. The girls were definitely while particularly adorable, particularly energetic. In trying to teach them about parachutes and catching wind, we had them made different kinds of parachutes. Jamie had cut the chutes themselves out beforehand and they were all different sizes as well as two different shapes.

SubstandardFullSizeRender SubstandardFullSizeRender-1 SubstandardFullSizeRender-5

They definitely enjoyed the activity though. After they made their parachutes, we had all of them test them by dropping them from the top of a stair case in the West End House. It worked really well! Despite the slight difficulty associated with avoiding a lovely art installation that kept catching our parachutes, it went very smoothly. There was a clear difference between the big and small parachutes that you could both tell from the numbers and see by watching the parachutes drop.

SubstandardFullSizeRender-2 SubstandardFullSizeRender-3 SubstandardFullSizeRender-4

Our overall goal is always to try and get them to think about our projects as an experiment and ask them what would happen. This was a little tricky today. They definitely understood that we were trying to see which ones would go faster or slower (the big ones would catch more air, experience more friction/resistance, and go slower), but it was a little tough to make the bigger connections.