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Wind Mills!!

For our last club of the year, we decided to make wind mills with the girls and teach them about wind power. It was a perfect ending activity. It was probably one of the better designs we have had. First we showed them pictures of wind mills and then we let each of them pick their own design and make it out of milk cartons, Styrofoam balls, a wooden dowel, and index card blades.

IMG_6423 IMG_6428

They made some incredibly creative designs!

IMG_6486 IMG_6455 IMG_6446 

Then we had each of them try out their designs with a fan we brought. They absolutely loved it. We had to work through some changes to the design like turning the blades so that they would catch the wind, which was the best part. Once one of the girls figured it out, they started helping the next girls who were trying.

IMG_6475  IMG_6491 IMG_6488

Having them be able to think through the design for these wind mills and figure it out was perfect. At the end we talked through what we learned and each of them got a certificate for coming throughout the semester. We can’t wait to start up again in January!!