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Eggcellent Fun!!

Last week was eggcellent ūüôā Meaning we had a bunch of activities related to eggs. We covered density, porosity, and an¬†interesting property of eggs. It was a little intimidating because we had mostly raw with¬†some hardboiled eggs with 8 girls and three mentors, but we ended up only losing 5 eggs out of around 18 and only one or two of them really cracked opened. We probably could have done a better job making the girls understand the importance of being careful with the eggs, but they did pretty well.


The first activity was spinning the eggs to determine which was hard boiled and which was raw. The yolk inside the raw one spun separately and made the egg wobble. Then we showed them how egg shells have holes in them and are porous. When you put an egg in really hot water, the air in the air pocket expands and it pushes out through the pores. For the last one we asked the girls whether or not eggs float. In tap water they sink, but when we changed the density by adding salt, the eggs float.


It was an intense activity, but there were some beautiful moments. One of the girls was really excited the whole time and it was hard to get her to focus, but when we got to the end of the second activity, she made a point of asking to make sure she understood why the bubbles were coming out of the egg.



Our probability activity went really well! Jenny did a great job preparing a fun activity rolling dice to see which number we were most likely to get when we added up the numbers from two dice, thinking about combinations of numbers. The kids had a lot of fun with basically a game. We each recorded the numbers to make a histogram of what the numbers on two dice added up to.

IMG_6321 IMG_6327 IMG_6332

We found out that you have the highest probability of getting the number 7 since the most combinations of numbers from 1-6 give you 7. Some of the groups had great distributions showing this and we all added them up to find it was still true!

IMG_6328 IMG_6331

We also determined our own probabilities of getting a certain color M&M when picking it out of a bag.

IMG_6345 IMG_6340IMG_6349

Favorite Quite: “This is like poker with M&Ms.”

The Five Senses!!

After having all that candy on Halloween, we thought we’d teach the girls about their five senses this week. Divya put together a great activity with three different parts. First, we all sat on the rug according to our new plan and went over the activity and all of our senses.

IMG_6103 IMG_6101 IMG_6098 IMG_6096 IMG_6106


The first activity was testing how well you can see with only one eye while dropping pennies into cups.

IMG_6121 IMG_6116 IMG_6112

The second one was testing how well you can feel without sight and on different parts of your body like your wrist or your finger tips.

IMG_6123 IMG_6114 IMG_6117

The third one was testing how well you can taste without smell by holding your nose while eating jelly beans and starbursts.

IMG_6140 IMG_6133 IMG_6143

We tried it out too!

IMG_6137 IMG_6138

The girls (mentees and mentors) were really surprised at how well it worked!!


Halloween Skeletons!!

Last week, Jenny led a really great Halloween themed activity. We had all of the girls cut out little skeleton pieces, put them together, and labelled them. The girls were so adorable. It was great for the mentors who don’t know their bones either! We also had them test out two materials with different densities and had them connect the fact that you’d want bones with high density because they’d be stronger.


IMG_6063 IMG_6064 IMG_6065 IMG_6066

We have also been trying to get a better handle on the best structure to convey the information to the girls, so we had them sit on the rug before while we talked about bones and density. I think it worked pretty well. We also went over a beautiful sign Divya made with some new guidelines for the club called CODE (Commitment (follow through with what you do and don’t give up), “One mic one dive”, Don’t eat your science, Enjoy). It came out really well!


They definitely got it by the¬†density aspect by the end and we had some fun squishing them, tossing them, and balancing them ūüôā

IMG_6067 IMG_6068 IMG_6069

Quote of the week: “What are bones made of?”,¬†“Cement with white paint!”